About Us

Lt. Col. Shashi Anand

He is a regular contributor of poems, articles and short stories in magazines and national dailies. "THOUGHTS", his first book of Poems, was released in the year 2000 and he has another book titled "WINNER IN YOU", and Marathi book "YASHACHA SHILPACAR TOOCH". Both these books were transcripted in braille and launched on 08th Sep 2012.

Shashi has been actively involved in study, research and application of the theories on ‘Positive Thinking’. He is a firm believer in "Not waiting for things to happen but to make them happen".

He currently runs a Security Services and Training organisation in Pune, India. He has pioneered the concept of ‘Security Environment’ and is the Founder Chairman of Force 10 International, an organisation with world wide collaborations to bring the latest Security- related technology to India. He has also formed a ‘Citizens Action Forum’ to tackle people’s issues at a grassroots level.

Jyoti Anand

Jyoti has been teaching school students for over 20 years. Armed with a degree in Arts, she proceeded to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Education. She has also trained professionals from various backgrounds to learn the nuances of the English language. She has conducted classes in Personality Development to benefit people across sections of society.

She was brought up in a family which believed in simplicity of thought and values, which instilled in her a sense of righteousness. She has joined Shashi as a fellow crusader, to give back to the world from the pool of her life experiences. She practices Yoga and Meditation and swears by their efficacy in restoring one’ s peace of mind. ‘ Count Your Blessings’ is an adage she lives by, and hopes to make the world see it too .

Priyanka Anand

Priyanka has a post graduate degree in Psychology and a diploma in Human Resource Management. She has been training aspirants in interviewing skills and is keen to take her experience to a higher level under Shashi’s guidance.