A thought is what keeps the mind ticking and it is the moving force behind all happenings - yes - just a thought..... its power cannot be defined - It would suffice to say that the power of nature is behind it.
- Lt. Col. Shashi Anand


My trust with ‘Positive Thinking’ and its seeming power over one’s life, started when, as a young Captain in the Indian Army, I was posted to a terrorism- afflicted border of the country. Nothing seemed right. Here I was, thousands of miles away from my wife and my newborn child, whom I had hardly seen; still recovering from losing my parents early and within span of six months, as also, facing tense situations at the border and to add to my woes, facing health problems myself! I felt I was a victim of the infamous Murphy’s Law– “If Something Can Go Wrong, It Will”. This continued until, one day, a fellow Officer introduced me to a book on ‘Positive Thinking’. Though I was skeptical initially, I tried to inculcate some of the things which the book suggested and with time, I was actually able to bring about a change in my perception of situations, which in turn helped me to steer my thoughts away from negativism and move towards positivism.


lt. col. Shashi Anand

Lt. Col. Shashi Anand

Shashi has spent 26 years as an Infantry officer in the Indian Army. He currently runs a Security Services and Training organization in Pune, India. He has pioneered the concept of ‘Security Environment’ and is the Founder Chairman of Force 10 International, an organization with worldwide collaborations to bring the latest Security- related technology to India.


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Launched winner in you in braille on 08th Sep. 2012

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Ms. Suvidha Waghmare Reading first copy of WINNER IN YOU in Braille.